Master Class

Care for Yourself as an Introverted Mompreneur When You Don’t Have a Mom To Support You


In this class, Dr. Melissa Reilly, psychologist, author, TEDx speaker, and fellow mompreneur, will share her personal experiences and valuable insights to help you thrive in both your personal and professional life. Discover how to care for yourself, build a supportive community, prioritize your values, and learn from others who have walked a similar path. You'll learn to embrace your unique journey, say no without guilt, and find balance as an introverted mompreneur. Replace self-doubt with self-compassion and equip yourself with the tools to succeed. Join Dr. Reilly in this masterclass, and together, you'll create a supportive and empowering space where you can not only survive but truly thrive. Your journey starts here. (This masterclass was originally presented as part of the 2023 INTROVERTPRENEUR VIRTUAL SUMMIT)