The 4 Sanity-Saving Mom Friends Every Woman Needs When Your Mom Isn’t Around

Having a strong supportive network of mom friends is essential for all women raising a family. It’s surprising how many women believe that they should be independent and able to care for their families on their own. This simply isn’t true. 

How to Make Mom Friends

Women aren’t born knowing how to be a mom.  We learn how through the support, guidance, and modeling of those around us.  For most women, having access to a supportive mother is invaluable.  All moms should intentionally create a community of support and guidance. Still, it becomes vitally important if you are one of the millions of women separated from your mother by death, distance, or estrangement. 



Easy Five Step Strategy for Enjoying Mother’s Day as a Mom Who has Lost Her Mom

Mother’s Day can be hard. A day filled with grief, sadness and isolation. Even more if you’ve lost your own mom and are now a mom yourself. After all, Mother's Day is a day where we are bombarded with reminders of what we don't have, a loving and supportive mother in our life. It's a day where we celebrate and honor our own mothers, but how do we celebrate what we don't have?

Are you a mom without a mom, a motherless mother, or a mom missing a mom?

Alone in the hospital room six hours after giving birth, I felt an unbelievable emotional pain that felt like part of me was breaking. I lost my mother 15 years previously, yet at that moment, the pain I felt over her absence was as if she had just died again. I couldn’t believe that I was overwhelmed with grief instead of being consumed with joy. What was wrong with me?

Moms Without A Mom Club

I didn’t know it at the time, but I had just become a member of the moms without a mom club, an exclusive club no one wants to join.

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Moms without a Mom coaching with Melissa Reilly, Psy.D.