At the Women's Healing Collective, our mission is simple yet profound: to guide women to more effective healing from trauma through the power of community and somatic healing. Together, we're rewriting stories of resilience, strength, and growth.

The Women's Healing Collective is a monthly membership community exclusively for women on a trauma healing journey.

This is a safe and empowering space where you’re understood, supported, and embraced just as you are, while learning how to release trauma from your body and rewire your nervous system from four knowledgeable coaches.

As a member, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources aimed at fostering holistic well-being and personal growth, including weekly live somatic healing sessions, video lessons on trauma concepts and healing, community connection, and so much more.



The Women's Healing Collective


  • Monthly Live Q&A Session where we answer questions submitted by community members
  • Weekly Live Group Call that includes somatic healing for emotional release session & trauma healing lessons.
  • Weekly Journal Prompts for meaningful self-reflection 
  • Weekly Accountability Check-In thread to support your growth and build relationships.
  • Access to Somatic Healing & Lesson Library to support your holistic well-being (includes breathwork, guided meditations, EFT, and so much more).
Melissa With Friends

The Women's Healing Collective is for you if...

  • You are working to heal from childhood trauma and break generational trauma.
  • You’ve experienced (any type of) trauma & want to find support.
  • You feel isolated on your healing journey.
  • You are dealing with toxic family and/or estrangement.
  • Are ready to explore new ways to heal and grow with support.
  • You are looking to make new friends and connections.
  • You are a mom without the support and guidance of a loving mom by your side.

When you crave connection...

yet it's too scary.

Surviving trauma changes how we view the world, making it difficult to trust and connect with others. What’s more, the coping strategies that helped us survive a traumatic childhood can make it hard to feel close to people as adults, causing us even more pain.

This is why so many of us healing from childhood trauma can feel emotionally isolated even in a room full of people. Connecting can feel scary because we’ve been hurt so much. Yet, humans are designed to need each other, and that yearning deep down never goes away.

We all know that making friends as an adult is difficult, but what about being a woman with trauma? It can feel nearly impossible.


Support and community are vital for everyone, but even more critical for women healing trauma!


But finding support and community can be a huge challenge for many women.  There has to be an easier way to!  And that’s why the Women’s Healing Collective was born.

It's hard enough to make friends as an adult....

Imagine a life where you ... 

  • Have Radically improved relationships​
  • Find so much more inner peace​
  • Release guilt and shame​ from ruling your life
  • Feel massive pride in being able to break trauma cycles​
  • Learn to trust and build healthy attachments​
  • Find your purpose and the drive to pursue our dreams
  • Discover a far more effective approach to healing​
  • Feel the power of true connection and support
Melissa Reilly PsyD

Are you ready to join the Women's Healing Collective?


Meet our Team

Discover the compassionate professionals dedicated to supporting your healing journey. Our team of experts are here to guide and empower you every step of the way.

Kristina Bentle

Founder of Awakened Mom Life

Teacher, Author, Neuroscience & Trauma Expert

Co-Founder & Coach of The Women's Healing Collective


My name is Kristina and I have spent over 15 years studying psychology and personal growth after childhood trauma and becoming a widow led to deep suffering.At 37, I was diagnosed with a trauma-related neurological disability, and I began a holistic healing journey. I am a disabled mom, life-long learner, speaker, and, author. 


Emilie Delworth

Founder of The Peaceful Mother

Parenting Coach, Trauma Recovery Coach & Author

Co-Founder & Coach of The Women's Healing Collective


My name is Emilie, I began studying Child Development and Early Childhood Education while working as a weekend nanny in high school. After graduation, I worked in a preschool but soon realized I preferred smaller groups. I then became a full-time nanny, caring for children from newborn to age 7. Over 14 years, I helped raise 7 amazing children and provided part-time care for many others. 

Savannah Miller

Founder of Come Home To Yourself

Resiliency Coach and Breathwork Facilitator

Co-Founder & Coach of The Women's Healing Collective


My name is Savannah, growing up as an ‘old soul,’ I often sought wise direction. As a young adult, I turned to holistic health to address mental health challenges and chronic illnesses. My healing journey flourished with breathwork, grounding, a compassionate mentor, inner child work, and a supportive community of survivors. Now, I create spaces where others can heal and grow. 

Melissa Reilly, Psy.D.

Founder of Moms Without a Mom

Clinical Psychologist, Coach for Moms Without a Mom, Author, TEDx Speaker

Community Coach of The Women's Healing Collective


I’m Melissa Reilly, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist with 24 years experience, coach for moms without a mom, author, and TEDx speaker. As a mom of two wonderful boys, I understand the unique challenges moms without a mom face. My personalized coaching program is designed to help you transform feelings of loneliness and uncertainty into confidence and resilience. I’m here to support you as the amazing mom you are!

Build connections & heal your body from the impact of trauma for a stronger, more resilient you.