This workbook is not just about reading—it's about doing, experiencing, and transforming. It’s the helping hand you need to manage the whirlwind of motherhood while also taking care of your own well-being.


So, What's Inside this Little Bundle of Wisdom?

This workbook is all about you and your unique journey. It’s packed with thoughtful prompts and pearls of wisdom on:

Understanding Motherhood: I get it, being a mom is a roller-coaster ride. This workbook will help you cherish the highs and navigate the lows with grace and love. And remember, it's all part of this amazing journey called motherhood.

Self-Care for Supermoms: Who said self-care is a luxury? Nah, it's your right and an absolute must! We'll explore ways to help you weave self-care into your busy mom-life to keep you happy, healthy, and ready to tackle anything.

Building Your Mom-Squad: Let's face it, we all need a helping hand sometimes. The workbook will help you identify your go-to people and teach you how to lean on them without feeling guilty. Remember, it takes a village!

Trust Your Mom-Gut: Your instincts as a mom are powerful. Going through the workbook will help you trust in your decisions and celebrate your mom-wins (even the small ones) every single day.

Mom with Workbook

Remember, you’re the heart of your family, and taking care of that heart is the first step to a happier, healthier home.

So, are you ready to embrace a happier, healthier, and more balanced mom-life? Get your hands on this workbook today and let’s begin this journey together!


Jackson and Me at Gettysburg

Hi, I am Melissa

Clinical Psychologist and Mom Without A Mom Coach

I am a mom without a mom who birthed my son and discovered that the loss of my mother 15 years prior had unexpectedly filled my mothering journey with grief. My mother and I had a significant conflict eight months before she died, resulting in our estrangement.

I missed her and was angry with her simultaneously, and I longed to have a healthy mother figure in my life as I learned how to be a mom myself.

I have 22 years of experience as a clinical psychologist and am a coach WHO specializes in working with moms without a mom. I understand the unique circumstances of moms without a mom and know how to move from feeling isolated, insecure, and overwhelmed to a place of confidence and resilience. 

And that is what I want for you!

Please enjoy this free easy-to-use workbook.


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