• Experience peace, well-being and resilience with each of the six strategies in this easy-to-use guide
  • Strengthen the connection between you and your baby as you care for yourself
  • Learn simple techniques you can use anytime to alleviate stress (and let's face it, parenting an infant is stressful)
  • Start using these strategies immediately
  • Six simple to understand strategies to care for yourself without needing to step away from your baby
  • Easy to follow Instructions on how, when and why to use them
  • Practical examples of how Melissa used the strategies to care for herself as she bonded with her son
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Jackson and Me at Gettysburg

Hi, I am Melissa

When my son was born 11 years ago, I was overwhelmed by the intense feelings of isolation and longing for support and guidance from a mother I no longer had (and hadn't realized I wanted and needed as much as I did).

As a mom, without a mom, I didn’t have a built-in “go-to” person. I was mainly on my own to figure out how to take care of my son while discovering who I was as a mom and needed ways to take care of myself that didn’t require that I step away from him. I created this guide so other new moms without a mom could also learn to take care of themselves and their babies simultaneously.

As a clinical psychologist and parent coach, I am passionate about helping moms without a mom feel joy in motherhood and move from feelings of isolation, insecurity and overwhelm to a place of confidence and resilience.

And that is what I want for you!

Please enjoy this free easy-to-use guide!


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